Due to the excellent effect of IVT on lymph flow, the VACUSPORT® Regeneration System is also recognised as a modern, cost-effective therapy for lymph oedemas.

Make it easy

Such an even, pain-free treatment of the lower extremities in cases of peripheral circulation disorders or lymph drainage problems cannot be achieved by a human hand. The physiotherapist leaves this job to the VACUSPORT® and can use his high qualifications for functional therapy and the development of neurological-orthopedic skills.

The effect on lymph flow and peripheral perfusion in the subcutaneous / epifascial region can be triggered in different ways. Pre-programmed settings are available for typical indications in the area of regeneration and rehabilitation. These automatic treatment programmes are based on the experience of several 100,000 applications in leading clinics worldwide. This guarantees best practice and makes the therapy successful, simple, safe and delegable.

A treatment takes between 30 and 40 minutes depending on the indications and is always perceived as pleasant by the patient. Depending on the indication 8 to 16 sessions within a period of three to six weeks are prescribed. In-patients can be treated daily with IVT.

Suitable for who?

The Regeneration System with the patented VACUSPORT® device is used in the fields of orthopedics, traumatology and sport medicine. The locations are facilities for physiotherapy, centres for orthopedic or neurological rehabilitation and sport performance support points. Orthopedic and internal medicine practices are also a possibility. The use is convincing due to attractive accounting models. The investment pays itself off surprisingly fast and contributes towards an increase in the performance and attractiveness of the facility.


Automatic pre-set treatment programmes for amonst others the following indications:

Technical Details

**) VACUSPORT XXL (special model for patients of up to 225 cm height)
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